Marilyn Eturma’s Journey With Jesus (2018)

I am delighted to share to you my whole year 2018 experience with Jesus. Be blessed as you read 🙂


This is the confidence that we have in Jesus, that if He calls us to move and bring His children to the foot of the cross, and by denying ourselves through faith, His WORKS must be done. I have been blessed and I want to bless Jesus for His mercy and grace beyond measure.

Beginning of this year, during Adventist Youth Federation Fellowship I have been promoting and encouraging youth to be a missionary in their field and in their social media account.



Jesus gave me another chance to encourage and promote these more than 400 young people attended the training on why there is the urgency of doing God’s work through soul winning today. Given them inspiration on how to use the social media as medium of bringing souls to Christ by reaching the elite and the unreachable.




Globally the youth are busy of preparing the Global Youth Day event, herein our area as well. Since I am chosen to lead the young people in a wider scope, I have been busy in the promotion, the preparation of the programs and the community outreach. These time, the youth were flooding the social media of many compassion activities like free blood pressure check up, free books, offering songs and prayers on streets, hospital and prison visitations and many more.

  Forever Free Ministries Students were actively involve in church activities and in social media posting as well. Sharing the love of Jesus to other people is the best experienced.



Here they are devoting their time to the Lord. Jesus allow us to meet in Adventist University of the Philippines during Prayer Festival of the Central Luzon Conference. We scheduled our early morning in devotion and united prayer. It was a blessing to fellowship FFM SE Ph students here in Luzon. I have heard their amazing testimonies with Jesus as well.



I am delighted to share God’s inspiration of Modesty in Mindoro Island. My heart was so heavy and I can see their eyes that they wanted to follow Jesus. It was during my closing prayer, I heard they were crying and admitting that it is a high time to raise a higher standard in dress and modesty and to follow Jesus lovingly. I am so touched with these young people. This is taken during plenary session.

Inspirations, encouragements and empowerment were given to these longing souls for Christ. There is an urgency of digital missionaries today and the end shall come.



One of the best experience I had in my life when I saw clearly the working hands of  God . He protected us from rebel people hiding in the mountain, He provided us food, He delivered the woman possessed by evil spirit, He gave us light during nightly meeting through generator, He provided the gasoline, He  protected our laptop from angry rain, He rescued the youth that was suddenly fainted during night meeting, He sent people and gave light on their dark way to church. Seeing them in baptism day was a tearful moment.

During my one month evangelistic meeting in the mountainous area of General Nakar, Quezon Province, Philippines.



I rejoice in the day of the Lord! She is one of the fruit of Amazing Prophecies youtube channel. I am so humble to hear her testimony on how the Lord lead her to baptism. Romarie Laviga is now very active in her church. She have her care group and active of participating in soul winning.  As for God, His way is perfect. Psalms 18:30july

There is joy in soul winning. Our church participated in the Philippines for Christ program. We had 2 weeks evangelistic meetings and I am the health evangelist and my sister Rose was child evangelist. We had a visitor from US for our adult evangelist. The devil wants to stop us by strong and angry rain, and we transferred to open basketball court. But he was defeated already, Jesus won the battle. These are the souls accepted Jesus and they are happily serving the Lord.

july 2


Students studying in non-adventist schools were gathered together to educate them of their purpose and mission. I had the chance to give a lecture about the principle of being a sons and daughters of God. Young people today needs to have a teachable spirit.



The woman in between is another souls for Christ. After she watched Amazing Prophecies youtube channel, she decided to look for a church of Seventh Day Adventist. Her name is sister Susan. We met in Manila Center Church in Quezon City and with a church friend who accompanied us. She cried when she was telling her story how Jesus lead her to the youtube. On that time she was helpless and in deep stressed. But Jesus gave her hope after she watch the youtube channel.  Praise God!

august 2

             “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.”  Psalms 56:3 This was my song during this   evangelistic meeting in an island of Ticao Masbate, Philippines. This is un entered area, only catholic church. When I was traveling to the island, their’s was a very strong typhoon coming that’s why we need to hurry in a boat. While on the motorcycle going to the place, I was informed that my place was near to the ambushed area where 4 victims was dead. I heard that already 10 person was killed by rebels 4 days ago. And days goes by, rebels were marching on the road with their arms. I was afraid during my sermon nightly especially on antichrist topic. There was always a cancellation of my meeting because of the typhoon. I started the meeting with typhoon, then finished with another typhoon. It was very challenging. People believed Jesus but they cannot give up their catholic “wrong” beliefs. But praise God to those bravely accepted Jesus through baptism even people were gossiping on them and their family persecuted them. There was victory in heaven for these souls.



I was impressed by the Spirit of God to make an event before the year ends and we call it “ Heavenly Banquet”. When I search the internet, of what is the meaning of Banquet, but sad to say that there is none picture that showed me the true meaning banquet. Even SDAs conformed the worldly banquet. I have the burden in my heart when I saw many young people were blinded on what is the true meaning of youth banquet in church. That’s why I initiate the event by God’s help to have a heavenly banquet with plant based food, heavenly music and heavenly dress. It was very successful and the youth experience the heaviness while on earth.


I begin this year of promoting and encouraging young people to seek Jesus deeply, share the WORD of GOD in social media and in their lifestyle, and now I closed this year with full of passion in serving the Lord. Practical godliness and the end time awakening was the main focus of my message to the youth during Adventist Youth Federation Fellowship in metro manila. There is a high calling of a professing godliness Christian. Its not easy to be a role model of Jesus Christ living in the business center of the city but by God’s grace, He sustained me. The more I am inclined to the high principle of Jesus, the more I love to do His way. Jesus was faithful yesterday, is today and of tomorrow. 1 Thessalonians 5:24

oct 2

Once a missionary, is always a missionary”. This month the Lord sent me to Ilocos, located in the northern part of Luzon in Philippines.  I was fully convicted why I want to go there, but amazingly the Lord had prepare my way. He provided my transportation, my house and my food. He asked me to do a mission in Bacarra church. Jesus told me to help the ongoing evangelistic campaign, to teach His the children daily, to teach ,train and inspire young people in the church, visit and pray weak brethren, to eat plant based diet, to be not  idol, to wake up 2am in the morning and read His WORD, to help the one lady whose house was destroyed by the typhoon and we went houses for solicitation, to pray long for more than 50 persons requested for my 7 days intercessory prayer, to preach last days events in church, to be ready for He is coming very soon. In short, I was in my personal revival.

oct 3


The Lord lead us to have our very first “prayer meeting” in North Philippine Union Conference garden. Jean coming from Cebu joined and prayed with us. We were excited to hear everyone’s testimony that we recorded for FFM Ph youtube channel. Amazingly, brother Whindel (with sunglass in the picture) is a blind man, and he can play musical instruments, and he can post inspirational messages in facebook. You may watch his powerful soul winning experience in FFM Ph youtube channel. Marco is very devoted man and is actively promoting “modesty” for men & women. Raquel has been blessed by music, and coordinating for FFM Ph Choir in Manila. Jezzer is a graduate of 1 thousand missionary and he is willing to help FFM in anyways. He is now studying web designing.  Romeo is very active youth in their church and he is the driver of brother Whindel. We talked about the mission of FFM SE Ph. We laugh together, we eat together and we prayed together in Jesus Name.


    When the Lord called me to do this for an hour, there was a quick response on my mind and my physical strength. The Lord provided right away a sponsor for 100 copies of Steps to Christ books, he provided the sticker papers, the printing and volunteers to cut and post the stickers. The WORD of the Lord was tested at this time. Psalms 18:30-34.  I was amazed how He work for His Kingdom and the evil has no way to stop it, he is defeated already in the cross of Calvary. Praying for more sponsors for the big project next year.

nov 2

Today is a high time calling for missionaries in the city. Reaching busy elite people. These people who received the Steps to Christ were business owners, and professionals. Most of them were young people raised by rich family. All of them were coming from Bread of Life Bornagain christian since Jesus lead us to put our books to their 10th year anniversary worldwide. We had the opportunity to be positioned in front of their church to do His ministry. Unfortunately, many were asking to have the book but we had only 100 copies. I believe the Lord will do His work on their heart through this book and the youtube channel. Praying for more sponsors of books.

nov 3


In order that the work may go forward in all its branches, God calls for youthful vigor zeal, and courage. He has chosen the youth to aid in the advancement of His cause. To plan with clear mind and execute with courageous hand demands fresh uncrippled energies. Young men and women are invited to give God the strength of their youth, that through the exercise of their powers, through keen thought and vigorous action, they may bring glory to Him and salvation of their fellow men.” GW 67