Makes it Happen in Makati-Free Internet Access

It is more fun in the Makati City!


Why should I say this?

Being the country’s leading city for business, lifestyle, entertainment and culture, the City of Makati is continuously providing the best on its people to embrace and experience the modernization . The city of Makati is now making a program that everyone can enjoy a network experience like never before.

The vast demand of Smartphone , Laptops with USB wireless modems, and to other mobile devices, the City of Makati is having on its way to give a free access of internet through the power of 4G.

4G is the fourth generation of mobile phone, mobile communications standards next to 3G which give to the subscribers a faster, better broadband and web surfing enjoyment. With 4G-mobile technology Makatinian’s can now experience a high-speed mobile web browsing, better multimedia uploads, faster streaming and downloads and others.

This is the first time in the Philippines which is powered by Globe Telecom.  Everyone can enjoy now where ever you go in Makati City, that’s why …It’s more fun in Makati City!

Add some details if you like…=)


One thought on “Makes it Happen in Makati-Free Internet Access”

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